Electrician who lost his passport is stunned after teenager confesses to using it to get into clubs

Electrician who lost his passport two years ago is stunned after teenager confesses to using it to get into clubs, pubs and even BROTHELS (but now doesn’t need it because he’s turned 18)

  • Joe Hunter had lost his passport just before going on holiday two years ago
  • He had to order an emergency replacement and even contacted the police
  • Sam Cole has now got in touch on social media to tell him he had it all along
  • The student who has just turned 18 offered to return the passport to Joe
  • It’s a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to get into licensed premises or to buy alcohol 

An electrician who lost his passport two years ago has been left stunned after a teenager admitted using it to get into pubs, clubs and brothels.

Joe Hunter has gone viral on social media after sharing the playful message from student Sam Cole, 18, who confessed the ID had been passed around to his friends, but was no longer needed as he had recently turned 18.

Joe, 21, had originally lost the passport in a bar in Halifax two years ago, just a few weeks before he was set to jet off on a lads holiday to Lanzarote.

After misplacing the passport, he was forced to pay for an emergency one and even contacted police.

Sam Cole

Joe Hunter (left) lost his passport in a bar in Halifax two years ago and was forced to order a new one. Now Sam Cole (right) has admitted he had the passport all along

Sam Cole messaged Joe to confess that he had taken the passport and said 'owe you my life'

Sam Cole messaged Joe to confess that he had taken the passport and said ‘owe you my life’

The infamous passport

Sam Cole

Sam Cole (right) messaged Joe and admitted that the passport was a ‘bit battered’ following him and his friends using it

Despite the rigmarole he faced, the self-professed joker said he saw the funny side, adding he was a ‘good lad’ for fessing up.

He said: ‘I was in hysterics when I realised he was serious. I thought ‘what a guy’, I definitely found it funny because it’s something I’d do.

‘I scrolled down on his Instagram and every single post he had a drink in his hand or he was at some event or on a night out. I’m glad it’s served him well.

The messages between Joe and Sam

Joe Hunter out with a friend

Sam and Joe  shared some messages over social media (left) where Joe (right with a friend) said that his messages had ‘made my day’

‘He said it’s been passed around so much. Apparently it’s been used in brothels and all sorts of places, so fair play to them.’ 

Sam, who is a student in Halifax said he hadn’t orginally found the passport and that one of his friends had found it in a club. 

‘He passed it onto another one of my mates and then I ended up swapping it with him for an xbox game when I sold him my xbox. It’s been passed around and used by about six different people.

‘I turned 18 on Sunday so I knew I wasn’t going to need it anymore and I had been planning on messaging him a few months ago. I wanted to say thank you because without him even knowing he’d been allowing me to go out to all these different places.

The message sent to Joe

Joe Hunter

Joe Hunter (right) received the message (left) on social media which stated the teenager would be happy to return the passport to him 

‘It could have gone either way but I wasn’t really nervous when I sent him the message. It’s just lucky that he took it the right way, he’s a good lad.

‘We’ve even said we’re going to try meet up for a pint and go out together.’

Despite Joe finding the situation amusing, it is a criminal offence to use false or borrowed ID to get into licensed premises or to buy alcohol.

If caught, penalties can be a fine of up to £5,000 and 10 years imprisonment. 

In the messages Sam said the passport was no longer of use to him after he had recently turned 18, and actually offered to return the ID to Joe, or hand it on to the next fake ‘Joe Hunter’.

He said the passport had ‘sorted me a madness’ and that he owed Joe his life after he had been using the passport for various activities.  

However, Joe declined the offer and said he was relieved it hadn’t been used for anything more untoward.

He said: ‘When I first lost it I got the police involved and they warned me that it could be in the hands of an illegal immigrant, but I thought that was a bit far stretched and always thought it was more likely that some kid would be using it as fake ID.

‘I like the fact that he’s got back in touch with me and revealed where it’s been all this time, I think it’s hilarious just to think that it’s been used by all these different people to have a good time.’


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