Joey Barton’s stag do spirals into an ‘extremely violent’ mass brawl in front of families

Joey Barton’s stag do spirals into an ‘extremely violent’ mass brawl in front of families after reveller rugby tackles one of his friends on Cornish beach

  • Joey Barton and his friends were in Newquay, Cornwall, for a three-day booze-up 
  • One of his party was reportedly rugby tackled by a man from another group 
  • The victim responded by punching him and then taking on two of his friends
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Joey Barton (pictured) was celebrating his stag do when the party descended into a mass brawl on Newquay beach 

Joey Barton’s stag do descended into an ‘extremely violent’ mass brawl as one of the ex-footballer’s friends punched three men.

The Fleetwood Town manager, 36, was celebrating in Newquay, Cornwall, when sunbathers were left scrambling to get out of the way.

One holidaymaker told The Sun that the scrap ruined the Bank Holiday atmosphere as parents dragged their children away from the scene as it descended into chaos.

Ex-Manchester City midfielder Barton had been drinking and running races with his friends.

Suddenly, a man from another group rugby-tackled a friend of the former Newcastle player. 

Barton’s friend quickly retaliated, hitting three of the group, according to the witness.

It came after the stag and his friends arrived on Friday for a three-night celebration of his impending marriage to Georgia McNeil. 

The party went bar crawling and hired out a lapdancing club for the booze-fuelled festivities.

Pictured: Barton at Fleetwood Town

Pictured: Barton's future wife, Georgia McNeil

Joey Barton (left) was celebrating his impending marriage to Georgia McNeil (right) when the brawl broke out 

Barton will marry Georgia (pictured) in the summer

Georgia (pictured) is set to marry Barton in the summer

Barton is set to marry Georgia (pictured) in the summer and was celebrated on his stag do when the ‘extremely violent’ scrap broke out

But on Sunday things turned ugly on the beach as the row erupted and was caught on camera.

A woman says ‘oh my God’ as Barton’s friend punches the attacker and wrestles him to the floor only for eight men to jump in. He then floors another two.  

Barton was partying on the beach in Newquay when a brawl broke out with another group of about eight men

Barton was partying on the beach in Newquay when a brawl broke out with another group of about eight men 

Revellers trade blows as one shirtless yob kicks a man as he lies defenceless on the ground.  

The fight only ended when the second group fled Barton’s party. Police say they have not received any report of an incident. Barton’s spokesman told the news site: ‘Joey categorically denies being involved.’

It comes after it was claimed that one pub had kicked his party out for being too loud.

But another witness claimed that Barton ‘was good as gold’ and ‘very polite’ when recognised. 

Barton’s brawling over the years:

Joey Barton’s violent history has earned him a notorious reputation over the years.

He is known for scrapping on and off the pitch and has even served time for assault.

Barton sparked a mass brawl in a pre-season game against Doncaster in July 2004. 

At a Christmas party in 2004, he stubbed out a cigar in the eye of Jamie Tandy, who at the time was his Manchester City teammate. 

The midfielder was fined £60,000 over the incident. 

Three years later he attacked Ousmane Dabo during a training session and received a four-month suspended prison sentence for ABH.

Then in 2008 he was involved in a fight in Liverpool city centre. He was jailed for six months over the assault.

Football Association bosses have charged Barton with violent conduct on three occasions.   

Police are currently investigating the Fleetwood manager over an alleged brawl in a tunnel with another club coach last month. 


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