‘Ditch the fancy foam drizzles for REAL food,’ urges Prue Leith

‘Ditch the fancy foam drizzles for REAL food,’ urges Prue Leith as she admits having to bottle her irritation during Great British Bake Off judging

  • Prue has warned cooks not forget that what really matters is flavour and texture 
  • Says a plate should have no more than four or five tastes on it at the maximum 
  • Admits being irritated at all the ‘jellies and glazes’ on Great British Bake Off 

Foams, drizzles and glazes may be all the rage on fancy plates in top restaurants.

But TV cook Prue Leith believes they should be banished in favour of clean, fresh and distinct flavours. 

The Great British Bake Off judge, 79, has described her exasperation at restaurant trends such as 12-course tasting menus.

Speaking at the Hay Festival, she said: ‘When I was on the Great British Menu I had to bottle it sometimes because I would become so irritated at all the drizzles and foams and jellies and glazes, little lollipops of crackling. They forget that what really matters with food is flavour and texture.’

Prue has a problem with too many fancy drizzles being used in recipes

Prue Leith (left) told the Hay Festival that she had to hold in her irritation at some of the drizzles on display while filming Bake Off 

Chefs like Heston Blumenthal led the ‘molecular gastronomy’ movement in Britain, using techniques such as freezing food with liquid nitrogen.  But some of his followers are not always so successful. 

Miss Leith said: ‘A plate of food should not have more than four or five tastes max on it… I like the flavours to be crisp and separate and clean and fresh.’

The TV judge also revealed that her next plan is to launch a colourful range of glasses to inspire older women. 

‘Thousands of women, not as ancient as me but women over 50, are absolutely delighted that somebody so old wears bright colours,’ she said.


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