Cardi B: Why She Posted & Then Deleted ‘Wish I Was Dead’ Tweet That Scared Fans

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Cardi B’s alarming message was a ‘wake up call’ after seeing the panic it sent her fans into. However, the rapper did have her reasons for posting the tweet, even if she’s in ‘a good place’ right now.

Everyone has their bad days, but Cardi B, 26, didn’t realize the magnitude hers could have. On July 21, the hashtag #WeLoveYouCardiB gained traction on Twitter after the “Pressed” rapper tweeted, “Wish I was dead” before she quickly deleted the message. As for why she put up such a concerning thought in the first place, a source EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife, “Cardi has been on the go and working nonstop between her performances, focusing on new music, traveling, and raising Kulture [her one-year-old daughter]. She really doesn’t give herself a break very often because she’s such a hard worker and so dedicated to building her empire, and she’s harder on herself than anyone else.” Just take a peek at Cardi’s schedule, and she’s booked for standalone gigs and festivals (Veld Music Festival, Baja Beach Festival, Austin City Limits Music Festival, and so forth) until Oct. 2019. In between all her career commotion, the rapper even threw a $400,000 birthday party for Kulture on July 13!

“Cardi has struggled with feelings of being overwhelmed with fame and working so hard all the time and while she knows how to cope, she’s also human and has her off days, too,” our source explains. But the Grammy-winning artist soon realized that using Twitter as an outlet for her stress wasn’t the best idea, as our source adds, “As soon as Cardi tweeted what she did, she realized that it wasn’t something to take lightly and decided to delete it because she knew people would misinterpret what she said and that’s the last thing she wanted to do.”

While this isn’t the first time Cardi has raised eyebrows with a social media post, this one was a bit different. “Often times Cardi loves to be real to her fans and tell it like it is, but she then forgets the power that she holds and what her words hold. Sometimes she does [things] without thinking [whereas] she should think and then do. This was a wake up call,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. Cardi even had to reassure her “friends and family that she is totally OK” and that “no one should be heavily concerned at all for her,” our insider adds. “She is in a good place and her family life and career are just as great, which is a breath of fresh air [for those] who were scared that she was in a bad place.”

Cardi certainly looked like she was in a good place just one night before posting the worrisome tweet. She took the stage at the California Mid-State Fair in high spirits on July 20, where she delivered all her usual trademark dance moves and facial expressions in an especially on-brand Cardi outfit: a sparkly blue denim bodysuit and cowgirl chaps.

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