This Photographer Did a Newborn Shoot With a Baby French Bulldog, and MY HEART

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Hi, I’m Alessia, and in my spare time I dream about the day I move out of my apartment building and can own a French Bulldog (no offense to my two cats, but they’re not exactly puppies). So when Brenden Boggs of So Cute Photo sent me “newborn” photos of a teeny French Bulldog named Olive, I about died. Olive was a birthday gift (best gift ever) for Brenden’s friend Rachel, a fellow photographer, and as soon as Brenden saw how cute Olive was, she reached out to Rachel to see if she’d like a “newborn shoot” done.

Thank goodness, she said yes.

“I mean does it get any better? I get to photograph this adorably little French bulldog puppy and get puppy snuggles. My heart was full all day,” Brenden wrote on her blog.

See the incredibly precious photos of Olive (who has her own Instagram) ahead — you won’t want to use your eyes to see anything else ever again.

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