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    66% of New York coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME

    REVEALED: 66% of New York coronavirus hospitalizations are people staying at HOME

    • A study of hospitals last week found that of 1,000 patients, 66 percent were people staying at home
    • 73% of the new hospitalizations were people aged 51 and over and 96% had underlying health conditions
    • Most were in Manhattan – 21% – but 18% of the new hospitalizations were in Long Island
    • In New York City, 90% of those who answered said they had not been taking public transport 
    • Cuomo said it showed that the new infections were down to ‘personal behavior’ but generally, the lockdown in New York has produced the right results
    • Deaths, hospitalizations and intubations are all down but the state remains in lockdown until May 15 
    • Cuomo said he is ‘vindicated’ by the states that are seeing numbers continue to rise throughout reopening 
    • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19


    The majority of people who are still being hospitalized with the coronavirus in New York are staying at home and not taking public transport, it was revealed on Wednesday, prompting Gov. Cuomo to tell residents it’s down to their personal choices to protect themselves even though the state is in lockdown until May 15.

    In a study of some 1,000 new patients over the last week, 66 percent were not essential workers and were staying at home. 

    More than 80 percent had not taken any public transport since the stay-at-home order began in March and that number rose to 90 percent in New York City, but only 55 percent of study respondents answered. 

    Of all the new hospitalizations, 73 percent were over the age of 51. The worst affected group were people aged 61 to 70 who accounted for 20 percent of the hospitalizations. 

    Almost all of them – 96 percent – had underlying conditions. Most cases were in Manhattan, with 21 percent coming from there, but almost as many – 18 percent – were in Long Island.

    Cuomo revealed the data on Wednesday at his daily briefing. It came from a survey of hospitals conducted over the last week in an effort to drill down on why so many people were still becoming infected and who they were. 

    He said that while it shows the number of new infections is being caused by ‘personal behavior’ and not the lockdown, the stay-at-home order had generally thwarted the virus enough that it still a good overarching plan. 

    ‘The numbers in the rest of the nation are going up. To me that vindicates what we are doing here. What we’re doing here shows results,’ he said. 

    There were another 232 deaths across the state on Tuesday, bringing the total death toll to 19,877, and more than 321,000 cases have been detected.

    There were some 600 new hospitalizations on Tuesday, which Cuomo said is still high but marks a downward trend since last week when more than 1,000 people were being hospitalized with the virus every day.  

    Cuomo said the survey results were ‘surprising’ but showed people were not making the right personal choices even when at home.

    ‘It’s down to you. Are you wearing the mask? Doing the hand sanitizer? Are people visiting you? It comes down to personal behavior, this is not a group we can target – it’s about personal behavior,’ he said of the new cases. 

    He also warned that when the crisis was over, the true number of deaths would likely be ‘far worse’ than what is being reported now with more likely to be found in at-home deaths or even before the first cases were found in the US. 

    Cuomo was joined via video conference by Eric Schmidt, of Google, who announced the company will help the state with technology to boost telemedicine services.  


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