You can now buy the limited edition Cadbury Orange Twirl on Amazon

    You can now pre-order the highly sought-after limited edition Cadbury Orange Twirl on Amazon- and it’s already a bestseller

    Let’s face it, 2020 has been a pretty miserable year. One thing that has made it a little brighter was Cadbury announcing the return of the limited edition Twirl Orange in the UK.

    If you’re looking to get your hands on the highly coveted Cadbury Twirl Orange then we recommend you hot-foot it over to Amazon. 

    You can now pre-order the limited edition chocolatey orange treat ahead of its re-release on September 11. But hurry, as we predict these won’t hang around for long.  

    Can’t wait for it to hit the shops? You can now pre-order the Cadbury Twirl Orange Chocolate Bar ahead of it’s release on September 11 

    The limited edition Twirl Orange was first released last September and saw it fly off the shelves. For that reason, Cadbury gave fans another chance to snap it up with their first ever online pre-sale of a chocolate bar, so fans could get the Twirl Orange weeks before the bars are available in stores. 

    If you missed out of the first release back in August, then Amazon is here to save the day. 

    The famous Cadbury Twirl Orange Chocolate Bar is now available to pre-order on the mega-site, priced at a reasonable 84 pence. A snip compared to what they were being sold on e-Bay last year.   

    The original Cadbury Twirl was first brought to our shelves back in the 1970’s and has since gone on to become one of the brands most popular bars.

    The two fingers of ribboned Cadbury chocolate has a distinctive flaky texture that fans can’t seem to get enough off. The harder outer shell of even more chocolate just confirms it as a top treat. Perfect with a cup of tea or on its own, it’s a winner.

    Amazon shoppers who have already tried the orange version have raved about the new flavour, writing how it ‘tastes like heaven’. 

    Shoppers are describing the new orange flavour as 'heaven' and it's currently the number one bestselling item in the 'Grocery' department on Amazon

    Shoppers are describing the new orange flavour as ‘heaven’ and it’s currently the number one bestselling item in the ‘Grocery’ department on Amazon 

    The delicious, flaky, orange flavoured Twirl is limited edition so if you’re an orange chocolate lover then it’s worth stocking up. 

    They’ll be launching in shops across the UK from mid-September for 69p, but if you can’t wait that long to get your hands on a bar, then we definitely recommend pre-ordering on Amazon. 

    If you can’t get enough of orange chocolate, then you can also snap up the orange-flavoured Chocolate Fingers or Chocolate Buttons- both now available in shops. 

    What’s more, Cadbury isn’t the only brand to have recently released limited edition orange chocolate flavours. Those that have a hankering for chocolate orange can also snap up the new orange Toblerone and Terry’s white chocolate orange– now available to buy in Morrison’s and Co-Op. 

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