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    'War of the Roses' brawler seen fighting with up to 30 people at Rosehill Racecourse is banned from drinking for a YEAR but avoids...

    Anthony Weiner is spotted with ex-wife Huma Abedin after his new job is revealed

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    Pro-surfer sisters Ellie-Jean Coffey and Holly-Daze Coffey offer explicit OnlyFans style content

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    Premier League makes crackdown on illegal streams ahead of the new season

    Premier League bid to stop fans illegally streaming matches as they plan a crackdown on IPTV services with new warnings sent to customers to tell them they are breaking the law

    • The Premier League will clamp down heavy on illegal streams this season
    • Further actions are being taken to prevent matches being watched free online
    • A Scottish company is leading the charge to lock out all IPTV streamers 

    The Premier League is ramping up measures against streaming services ahead of the coming season, in a bid to completely block out all illegal online viewing of top-flight matches.

    Time and resources have been poured into finding the best companies to work with in order for the Premier League to make this possible.

    And now a Scottish tech company is driving the push to leave IPTV illegal streamers locked out and help the Premier League protect its brand, as report the Daily Record.

    The Premier League is once again cracking down on people who try to stream games for free

    The company, Vistalworks have developed a cutting-edge software tool that warns users of the high-risk dangers of signing up to reduced price services that provide live streams and video on demand.

    The project has been in the pipeline for some time, with the Premier League trying to clamp down on streaming services season by season.

    During the 2018/19 campaign the division blocked 210,000 live streams and over 360,000 clips of its matches.

    It is now hoped that the new pop-up tools due to be implemented will deter online users from continuing to source and use high-risk streaming platforms.

    The Premier League is set to televise more games than ever due to the absence of fans

    The Premier League is set to televise more games than ever due to the absence of fans

    Vistalworks chief executive Vicky Brock told the Daily Record: ‘Lockdown has led to a rise in people accessing illicit IPTV, and we expect to see that increase further with the return of English Premier League football.

    ‘Our checker alerts people using sites like eBay to search for cut-price streaming products that what they’re looking at is both dangerous and illegal.

    ‘IPTV sales can end up with consumers’ sensitive information being placed in the wrong hands, which in turn can lead to identity theft and fraud.’

    Trading Standards have also backed the move by the Premier League, noting the steep rise in ads for streaming services during the coronavirus lockdown, with many people indoors trying to stream the return of live football. 


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