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    The Technology Used On Online Blackjack Games

    Online casinos now give us a fresh, new way of playing classic table games like blackjack. However, you might have wondered at some point what kind of technology is used on them. The following are some of the most important aspects you might like to know about.

    A Random Number Generator

    How do casinos ensure that every single hand of blackjack is completely fair? This is done through the use of a random number generator, which is often referred to as an RNG. It is a piece of software that has the job of generating your cards on a completely random basis.

    When you are playing a game, no one knows what the next cards will be, just as would happen in a live casino setting where several shuffled decks are used. Whatever number comes up, you can be sure that it was picked at random.

    The game is independently tested and the randomness is reflected in the fact that a unique return to player (RTP) is provided. The online blackjack selection at Paddy Power shows us that different games have a range of RTPs. For example, Original Blackjack has 99.31% while Classic Blackjack has 99.28%. 

    The RTP for each title reflects the exact rules that are used. But it is the use of an RNG that allows the casino to confidently state this figure, as they know that the results are always going to be completely random.

    Live Streaming

    Not all online casino games use the RNG technology mentioned earlier. In other cases, real decks of cards are used by a human dealer, giving the game the same look as any casino game played out in a live casino.

    This can be done now thanks to the use of fast, reliable streaming technology. The dealer can carry out their job in a studio anywhere on the planet while players from all over the world join them at the table and place their bets.

    Smooth, slick gameplay means that you will feel as though you are really in front of the dealer as they put card after card on the table. Some games also give you the option of adjusting the camera angles and quality to get the exact experience that you are after.

    Source: Pixabay

    Mobile Technology

    The introduction of mobile blackjack games has added an extra element to online playing too, as it allows complete freedom to anyone who wants to play wherever they go. These card games can be played on most modern mobile devices.

    The technology that is behind this is called HTML5. This is a type of programming language that has led to a massive breakthrough in mobile gaming, as it permits games to adapt to any size of screen and doesn’t require the downloading of any extra software.  

    All of this technology that we have looked at isn’t used to turn blackjack into something completely different. Instead, it makes the online experience more faithful to the original card game that we are all used to.  


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