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    Sydney kebab shop owner is savaged for sharing a ‘homophobic meme’

    Lamborghini-driving kebab shop owner in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTI community is savaged for sharing a ‘homophobic meme’ – but he insists it’s just a joke

    • Ziftekhar Hasan runs Yilmaz Grill & Bakehouse in Waterloo, Sydney
    • An offensive post was shared to the shop’s Facebook page 
    • The area has high population of LGBTI residents who turned against the store 
    • Mr Hasan said his store’s Facebook page was flooded with negative reviews 

    A kebab shop owner in Sydney’s LGBTI heartland has been driven off social media over a homophobic meme. 

    Ziftekhar Hasan’s business, Yilmaz Grill & Bakehouse in Waterloo in Sydney’s south has been the target of increasing backlash from neighbours after the offensive post was shared to the shop’s Facebook page. 

    The page was then inundated with so many negative comments and reviews, even after Mr Hasan issued a grovelling apology, that he was forced to close the account. 

    Mr Hasan (pictured) said he has been seeing increasing backlash from locals after the post 

    ‘It came to my attention that an eatery in our building was posting ant-gay memes. I will not be buying from there again … I urge the gays of the village to boycott this business,’ one neighbour wrote. 

    Mr Hasan defended the meme which Daily Mail Australia has chosen not to publish due to its offensive content. 

    ‘It’s not about me being homophobic it’s just me sharing a meme that I’ve seen online,’ Mr Hasan told A Current Affair outside his shop. 

    One of the shop's neighbours urged other locals to avoid the business

    One of the shop’s neighbours urged other locals to avoid the business 

    The business (pictured) in Waterloo in Sydney's south regularly hosts $15 all-you-can-eat nights

    The business (pictured) in Waterloo in Sydney’s south regularly hosts $15 all-you-can-eat nights 

    Locals, however, didn’t seem to be buying the change of heart with one woman throwing eggs at Mr Hasan from her balcony across the street. 

    ‘You’re a homophobe… Shut your business down now,’ the woman then yells. 

    Shutting his shop down would certainly hurt Mr Hasan’s back pocket – with the successful business earning him enough to buy a lime green Lamborghini worth more than $200,000. 

    The car, emblazoned with the store’s logo, is one of a number of expensive vehicles regularly parked outside Mr Hasan’s shop on $15 all you can eat nights he puts on for his mates. 

    Another neighbor said Mr Hasan deserved the backlash he was getting for promoting hate. 

    ‘It’s kind of silly especially knowing the demographics of this place which is pretty gay friendly,’ the local said. 

    Mr Hasan said his post was prompted after a mate of his was sexually assaulted by a gay person in 2014. 

    However, he also later brushed off the meme as ‘just a joke’ and said they were not his ‘genuine’ views when interviewed by ACA. 

    Mr Hasan’s said the community should celebrate its similarities rather than differences and he hopes to repair his standing with the locals in his suburb and wider LGBTI community. 

    Mr Hasan's lime green Lamborghini (pictured) is a sign of his business's success

    Mr Hasan’s lime green Lamborghini (pictured) is a sign of his business’s success 


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