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    THE SECRET SCOUT: Conor Coventry is powerful in challenge while he isn’t frightened to surge forward

    THE SECRET SCOUT: Conor Coventry is powerful in the challenge while he is not frightened to surge forward… if Declan Rice leaves or Mark Noble struggles to maintain his pace, he may enjoy a breakthrough at West Ham

    • West Ham’s Conor Coventry is forceful in the tackle with a good range of passing
    • Coventry’s team-mates trust the 20-year-old to keep the play flowing
    • He could play ahead of captain Mark Noble if he struggles to maintain his pace

    Our scout is a top football expert who attends matches each week searching for the next star. He’ll bring you his verdict in Sportsmail.

    This week they bring you the lowdown and verdict on West Ham United midfielder Conor Coventry. 


    Age: 20 

    Club: West Ham United

    Position: Midfield

    Value: £1m



    A crunching early tackle immediately drew my eyes to this young Irish player for West Ham. 

    He has a lovely build, broad shoulders and is powerful in the challenge. I soon saw how much he influences his team.

    A forceful holding player not frightened to surge forward when the opportunity arises, he is right-footed and saw plenty of the ball — good players attract the ball and his colleagues trusted him to keep the play flowing. 

    He showed good anticipation, sidestepping in front of his opponent to pinch the ball. 

    Once, having intercepted, he played a pass and went for the return which he received goalside of his marker, creating space for a counter. 

    Then, when receiving a square pass infield, he swept the ball round the corner to his front man. 

    I can imagine Coventry playing in a side with two strikers, where he’d have more opportunity to play his accurate passes. Pinging the ball around was not a problem for him and he certainly has a good range.

    Conor Coventry celebrates after scoring for West Ham’s Under-21s against Southend United


    I was looking for a downside. He competed well but faded towards the 90-minute mark after his side conceded two goals.

    By then there was a collective lethargy in his colleagues, despite his promptings. But he never gave in. He runs strongly but maybe needs to react better in his recovery runs.

    Overall he gave a more than competent display and he looks a leader. Not surprisingly he received a booking for an overly-strong challenge that a different referee might have ignored. 

    It was a bad result for his team but he made a good impression and suggested he could make a breakthrough. 

    If Declan Rice leaves or Mark Noble struggles to maintain his place, it will be fascinating to see whether his manager looks towards this young man. 

    The West Ham midfielder looks like a leader and he could make a breakthrough at the club

    The West Ham midfielder looks like a leader and he could make a breakthrough at the club


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