Watch Live: Biden Speaks in Georgia

    One week before Election Day, the Democratic presidential nominee, Joseph R. Biden Jr., will deliver a campaign speech in Warm Springs, Ga.

    Classrooms Without Walls, and Hopefully Covid

    First graders sit crisscross applesauce on tree stumps, hands sky-high to ask a question. Third graders peer closely at the plants growing in class...

    Protests erupt in Philadelphia after police shot and killed a knife-wielding black man, 27

    BLM protesters throw bricks at Philadelphia cops and looters attack buildings across the city after police shot and killed a knife-wielding black man Protests have...

    Katie Price’s daughter Princess, 13, dutifully pushes her mum’s wheelchair to the hair salon

    Katie Price's daughter Princess, 13, dutifully pushes her mum's wheelchair to the hair salon before snapping selfies during pamper session By Ciara Farmer For Mailonline...

    Trump leaves hospital briefly to greet supporters outside

    October 4, 2020 GMT

    BETHESDA, Md. (AP) — President Donald Trump briefly left the hospital Sunday in his car to wave to supporters gathered outside.

    The president’s visit came shortly after he promised his supporters “a surprise” in a video posted a video on social media.

    “It’s been a very interesting journey,” Trump said in the video. “I learned a lot about COVID. I learned it by really going to school. This is the real school. This isn’t the let’s read the books school. And I get it, and I understand it. And it’s a very interesting thing.”

    Earlier in the day, Trump’s doctor said he “continued to improve” and suggested he could be discharged as early as Monday.


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