Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross remained on board of Chinese joint venture after confirmation

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross 'remained on board of Chinese joint venture for two years' while running Donald Trump's trade war with Beijing Documents reported by...

    Tom Cruise holds crisis talks with Mission Impossible 7 director after COVID outbreak on set

    Tom Cruise holds crisis talks with Mission Impossible 7 director Christopher McQuarrie at Venice hotel following 'fears of a COVID outbreak on set after...

    UPS finds Hunter Biden package Tucker Carlson claimed was destroyed

    UPS FINDS the 'lost' trove of 'damning' Hunter Biden documents that Tucker Carlson claimed were deliberately intercepted in the post on their way to...

    New York trooper working as Cuomo’s bodyguard is reassigned after dating governor’s daughter 

    New York state trooper, 35, who worked as one of Cuomo's bodyguards is reassigned to post near the Canadian border after the governor learned...

    Rioters hurl fireworks at DC police and smash store windows during second night of protests

    Rioters hurl fireworks at DC police, loot and smash store windows during second night of protests over death of black man fleeing cops Karon Hylton,...

    News Quiz: Regeneron, Coronavirus, Eddie Van Halen

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    Brendan Mcdermid/Reuters

    Regeneron asked the Food and Drug Administration for emergency approval of a drug that President Trump claimed, without evidence, cured him of the coronavirus.

    What kind of treatment is it?

    An antibody cocktail

    A cytokine inhibitor

    A steroid

    An antiviral

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    After violating the health rules he imposed, the president of which university tested positive for the coronavirus?

    Brigham Young University

    The University of Notre Dame

    Southern Methodist University

    Yale University

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    Associated Press

    Eddie Van Halen, above, one of his generation’s most influential guitarists, died on Tuesday at 65.

    He is widely revered by his peers for perfecting which technique?

    Palm muting


    Sweep picking

    Two-handed tapping

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    At least six men have been arrested for plotting to kidnap the governor of which state?


    New York



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    People celebrating a ruling establishing a constitutional right to same-sex marriage in front of the Supreme Court in 2015. Doug Mills/The New York Times

    Two Supreme Court justices appeared to urge the court on Monday to reconsider its 2015 decision establishing a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. Name them.

    Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch

    Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas

    Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh

    Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas

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    Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

    Which social media company announced that it would remove all QAnon content?





    7 of 11

    John David McAfee, a Silicon Valley legend, was arrested in Spain on tax-evasion charges.

    Which technology did he pioneer?

    Antivirus software

    Cloud computing

    File sharing


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    The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded on Wednesday. What happened for the first time this year?

    A scientist under the age of 30 won the prize.

    The prize was awarded to two women.

    The prize was awarded posthumously.

    The award winner refused to accept the prize money.

    9 of 11

    Where is construction of a spaceport beginning this month, after six years of planning and fund-raising?



    United Arab Emirates


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    Which item sold for a record $31.8 million at a Christie’s auction?

    A dinosaur fossil

    A meteorite

    A rare Bible

    A suit of armor

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    Jim Carrey, right, joined Alec Baldwin in a parody of the first 2020 presidential debate for the Season 46 premiere of “S.N.L.” Will Heath/NBC

    What did “Saturday Night Live” hand out to its studio audience last weekend?

    Face shields


    Political pamphlets

    Voter registration forms


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