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    News Quiz: Amy Coney Barrett, Lockdowns, Anonymous

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    Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times

    Justice Amy Coney Barrett is the newest member of the Supreme Court.

    Which sitting justice administered the constitutional oath to her on Monday night?

    Justice Samuel Alito

    Justice Brett Kavanaugh

    Chief Justice John Roberts

    Justice Clarence Thomas

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    Anna Moneymaker for The New York Times

    Supreme Court decisions issued on Wednesday allowed officials in two battleground states to accept ballots for days after this coming Tuesday’s election.

    Which are those states?

    Michigan and Wisconsin

    Ohio and Florida

    Pennsylvania and North Carolina

    Texas and Georgia

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    Which city emerged from one of the world’s longest and most severe coronavirus lockdowns?

    Cologne, Germany

    Marseille, France

    Melbourne, Australia

    São Paulo, Brazil

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    Eric Thayer for The New York Times

    More than 90,000 people were given emergency evacuation orders because of the rapid spread of two wildfires in which state?





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    The anonymous senior official in the Trump administration who spoke out against President Trump in a New York Times Op-Ed in 2018 revealed his identity. He is Miles Taylor.

    Which cabinet department did he serve in?


    Health and Human Services

    Homeland Security


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    Which country voted to replace its Constitution, which was written under a 20th century dictatorship?





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    High winds ripped off roofs in New Orleans on Wednesday. Kathleen Flynn/Reuters

    Another hurricane hit the Louisiana coast this week, the fifth for this hurricane season. What was it called?

    Hurricane Zaire

    Hurricane Zeta

    Hurricane Zika

    Hurricane Zulu

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    After an abandoned newborn was found in an airport bathroom, which airline stripsearched female passengers to determine whether they had recently given birth?

    Cathay Pacific Airways


    Qatar Airways

    Singapore Airlines

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    Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

    On Sunday, Pope Francis elevated Archbishop Wilton Gregory, above, to cardinal, making him the first African-American to bear the title.

    Which archdiocese does he lead?


    New Orleans



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    The Chinese technology titan Ant Group, a sister company to the e-commerce giant Alibaba, is set to raise $34 billion in coming weeks in the largest initial public offering on record.

    Which company’s I.P.O. will it supplant?


    Agricultural Bank of China

    Big Hit Entertainment

    Saudi Aramco

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    Bill Ingalls/NASA

    Scientists announced evidence of the widespread distribution of water on the surface of which celestial body?


    The moon




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