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    Which States Have Certified Presidential Vote Totals


    of 306 electoral votes certified so far for Joseph R. Biden Jr.


    of 232 electoral votes certified so far for Donald J. Trump



    The results reported right after the presidential election are reliable, but they are not official. The official results will arrive in the coming weeks, after a process called certification.

    The details vary from state to state, but the point is for officials — sometimes called canvassers — to examine the raw numbers reported by precincts and verify that they are accurate and complete.

    This starts at the county or municipal level, and then a state official or board must review the local certifications and certify the statewide totals. In presidential races, if states certify their results by the so-called safe harbor deadline — this year, it’s Dec. 8 — those results are largely insulated from further challenges.

    States set their own deadlines, but they don’t always meet them: In Mississippi, for example, some counties certified their results late because staff members were out sick with the coronavirus. A missed state deadline isn’t necessarily a big deal. It’s the Dec. 8 deadline that really matters.

    In some states, every county may have certified its results already, but it won’t be listed as complete until the state canvassers sign off.

    Below is a list of certification deadlines for the key battleground states that President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. won. The Trump campaign’s strategy has been to try — so far unsuccessfully — to delay the certification processes in these states.


    Certification deadline




    Nov. 30

    Not yet certified



    Nov. 20

    Not yet certified



    Nov. 23

    Not yet certified



    Nov. 24

    Not yet certified



    Nov. 23

    Not yet certified



    Dec. 01

    Not yet certified


    Note: Pennsylvania’s deadline is for counties. The state does not have an official certification deadline.


    1. I hope that every Republican lawmaker who enables Trump to continue this subversion of our democracy will never be elected again. I know that none of them will ever get my vote. Personally, I feel Trumps actions are not only impeachable, but he should be tried for treason. Anyone else who tried to subvert our democracy would be trued and he should be held to an even higher standard.

    2. Charlotte – I get the vibe you are not quite sure how democracy and Federal elections work. There is nothing treasonous in contesting an election. If that were true, then post-impeachment, all of the House and Senate Democrats would have been guilty of treason.


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