Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC Holds at $26,800 – Is Now the Time to Buy?

As Bitcoin settles around the $26,800 mark, a slew of investors and fans are speculating on its future price trajectory. In projecting its future move, the famed cryptocurrency, frequently referred Bitcoin as digital gold, presents both chances and obstacles.

Bitcoin Price Prediction - Now the time to buy
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This update seeks to provide potential and existing investors with an in-depth examination of Bitcoin’s present position as well as informed price projections.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction time to buy,Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction time to buy

Bitcoin Value

Bitcoin, which is presently trading at a key $26,800 mark, has many investors debating the best timing to make a move.

According to September 28 data, Bitcoin is currently trading at $26,938. It has transacted a considerable volume of over $8.47 billion in the last 24 hours, representing a minor fall of nearly 1%.

Bitcoin continues to hold the top spot in the broader cryptocurrency market landscape. Its current market capitalization is around $525.29 billion.

In terms of supply, the market now has approximately 19.5 million BTC coins in active circulation, with a hard maximum limit of 21 million coins.

Bitcoin Price Forecast

In terms of technicals, Bitcoin’s pivot point is $26,629. This is based on a 4-hour chart perspective. Resistance is first faced on the upward trend at $27,116, with subsequent hurdles at $27,972 and $29,305.

In contrast, the digital asset’s immediate floor is $25,767, with deeper support zones at $25,277 and $23,966.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 58, indicating a modestly positive undertone, especially as an RSI value above 50 generally indicates bullish mood.

Another important technical indicator, the MACD, shows a reading of 9 when compared to a signal value of 139. Furthermore, Bitcoin’s present position close above the 50 EMA (50-Day Exponential Moving Average) around $26,636 strengthens its short-term positive trend.

Bitcoin Price Chart courtesy of Tradingview

The presence of a downward trendline resistance hovering around the $27,250 mark stands out in the charts.

The conclusion is clear: a potential breach above this demarcated limit might signal the start of a new bullish run for Bitcoin.

Based on the current technical intricacies, Bitcoin’s present position suggests a strategic purchase above the $26,600 level, or a sell instruction below it. 

As always, potential investors are recommended to conduct due diligence and maybe seek expert financial advice before making any investment decisions.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction time to buy,Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction time to buy

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