DSCVR’s Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana

Los Angeles, California (BUSINESS WIRE)The largest Web3 social media and community building platform, DSCVR (pronounced “discover”), is announcing its launch on the Solana Ecosystem.

DSCVR's Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana
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The connection will increase the amount of individuals creating, interacting with, and transacting on Solana to access DSCVR’s tokenized communities and crypto asset capabilities, which now have well over 200,000 members.

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In order to give the Solana community a social networking platform, the platform has also created content and a user experience that are specifically focused on Solana.

DSCVR’s Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana,DSCVR’s Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana

In order to provide consumers with an alternative to traditional social media, DSCVR was established. It offers an open API, smooth monetization, and native crypto functionality. The news comes ahead of Solana Breakpoint, the yearly gathering that brings together and links researchers, developers, artists, and innovators inside the Solana ecosystem.

According to Rick Porter, CEO and co-founder of DSCVR, “we are committed to growing crypto communities and expanding our users’ access to a wide variety of Web3 projects through new collaborations and integrations.”

“We are able to support the millions of Solana projects, users, developers, and creators who wish to use the DSCVR platform to build communities, engage, and increasingly transact by partnering within the Solana ecosystem.”

DSCVR will be able to introduce and integrate its fundamental SocialFi functionality—which combines the ideas of decentralised finance and social media—into the platform with the launch on Solana.

Users will be able to establish token-gated communities, see and transfer assets, show validated PFPs, get airdrops, and link to their Phantom wallet. Furthermore, communities and partners will be able to promote community growth through creative asset graph and social targeting.

At launch, a few alpha integrations—Magic Eden, FamousFoxFederation, Blocksmith Labs, and SharkyFi—will make it possible to transact with digital assets in communities, through user-curated galleries, and in the DSCVR feed.

The Solana ecosystem’s launch partners, such as MonkeDAO, Solcasino, Smyths, Meegos, YakuCorp, Aurory, CyberFrogs, StonedApeCrew, and several more, will be highlighted by DSCVR in the month that follows the debut. Every day, a different neighbourhood will be highlighted in the marketing campaign through airdrops, freebies, and events.

According to Alexa Smith, Beacon Fund Manager at Polychain Capital, “web3 social needs to go beyond just moving existing social media on-chain to provide net new functionality for users” in order to flourish.

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By allowing web3 projects and cryptocurrency communities to build unique social experiences and conduct transactions straight on a social platform, DSCVR has been able to increase the size of their user base. The fact that DSCVR SocialFi is entering new ecosystems excites us.

DSCVR’s Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana,DSCVR’s Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana,DSCVR’s Launch: A Web3 Social Media Platform on Solana, Solana coin Crypto news, Solana coin News

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