Ethereum Price Forecast: Will It Surpass $10,000 in 2024?

Will Ethereum surpass $10,000 in value this year? Here are some well-known analysts’ opinions on the subject.

Over 400,000 X followers were informed on Friday by altcoin analyst Altcoin Gordon that $11,250 is his year-end target price for Ethereum. That is a 3.4X increase above the going rate.

Ethereum Price Forecast: Will It Surpass $10,000 in 2024?
Source: Crypto News Flash
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Between the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs in January and the impending fourth Bitcoin halving in April, there has been a lot of media coverage on Bitcoin since October.

However, an Ethereum ETF is also being developed this year, and since a huge upgrade in 2022, the network’s supply has been deflationary.

Analysts at JP Morgan are anticipating this year’s Proto-Danksharding upgrade in the meanwhile.

Forecast price of ether: $11,250 By the end of 2024, Altcoin Gordon hopes to see the price of Ethereum reach $11,250. In addition, he projects $0.47 for Ripple (XRP), $111 for Chainlink (LINK), and $27 for Cardano (ADA).

Consider that absurd? Defi Dad, an angel investor, instructor, and Web3 superuser, believes that Ethereum will “tear to $20K– $25K” during current market cycle.

He made this comment in response to Vance Spencer, the creator of hiFramework, who noted that in 2024, a wide range of apps will be available on the “Ethereum onboarding funnel,” including gaming, corporate, social, and “all of the other (hundreds?) of L2s spitting out tokens to acquire users.”

Eigenlayer Staking, Dencun, and Spot ETH ETFs: Why is Ethereum specialist Anthony Sassano optimistic about pricing in 2024? He just spoke with Forbes on this.

$100 Invested in Ripple XRP Grows to $1.4 Million in February 2024

“I believe that 2024 will be a fantastic year for the price of ETH because there are a lot of positive factors working in ETH’s favour, like the introduction of staking through EigenLayer, two significant network upgrades (Dencun in March and Petra in Q4), and the launch of spot ETH ETFs as early as May.”

Due to the EIP-4844 improvement, JP Morgan forecasted in December that Ethereum will beat Bitcoin in 2024.

In a research published on December 13, JPMorgan analysts stated, “We believe that Ethereum will reassert itself and recapture market share within the crypto ecosystem.”

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