Fantom Crypto News: Foundation’s $1.7M Security Reward

Fantom Foundation which is based on a blockchain technology network. According to research, it has been revealed that a security researcher of Fantom Foundation has been given a reward of 1.7 million dollars and this reward has been given for the achievement of stopping the potential theft of 170 million dollars.

Fantom Foundation's $1.7M Security Reward and Coin Price Predictions
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And in today’s article, we are going to talk about how Phantom Foundation was given this award, how it recognized this security right and also we will talk about the complete information about Fantom Crypto News, Fantom coins Price Prediction.

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It has been shared on the official blog of the Foundation that according to research conducted last month, it had suffered a loss of about Rs 550 thousand.

Along with this, it has also been said in the blog that the address of the affected wallet was again told to the members of the Fantom team who had some findings related to the FTM token. This was very helpful in converting the tokens to Ethereum as part of the FTeam team.

Let us tell you that even a small mistake could have caused a huge loss of 170 million dollars, but with their hard work, the researchers of the Fantom team reached there and made it work to a great extent.

Fantom Foundation says that maintaining security for our platform and recognizing all the developments taking place in Blockchain technology is the objective of our Foundation and we are fully dedicated to it.

We consider this effort as our contribution and all our research fully supports us in this contribution. Along with this, Friend Foundation also said that we are a medium to provide a secure platform to the developers and we provide them a platform.

Fantom Coin Price Prediction

Along with this, let us tell you that Fantom Team has broken its weekly trend and has increased with the auction of $ 0.3311. Fantom coin prices can increase by 35% in the coming weeks. After this, the old coin can also increase to 0.3839.

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We hope that you have got all the information related to Fantom Crypto News and also got information about your Fantom Coin Price Prediction and Fantom crypto News Today.

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