Kraken’ Expansion: Cryptocurrency Exchange Ventures into US and UK Stock Trading

Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading,Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading

The 2011-founded cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is preparing for a big move away from the crypto space. The company’s first foray into traditional financial markets will be the introduction of trading in US-listed equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This audacious effort is a component of Kraken’s larger plan to broaden its investor base and diversify its products.

Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading
Source: Reuters

The Expansion Strategy of Kraken:

In the beginning, Kraken plans to provide stock and ETF trading services in the US and the UK. The business created a brand-new segment named Kraken Securities to enable this growth. The new trading platform’s development and implementation will be managed by this section.

Regulatory Licencing and Permits:

Kraken already has the legal authorization to provide these services in the UK. However, the business is now applying for a broker-dealer licence from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) in the United States. An essential step in Kraken’s plan to join the US stock trading industry is this regulatory licence.

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Goaled Release Date:

The goal of Kraken is to develop the new stock and ETF trading service by the year 2024. This schedule gives the business plenty of time to get the necessary regulatory clearances, develop a strong platform, and get ready for an effective launch into these areas.

Obstacles and Rivalries:

Although Kraken’s growth is a smart strategic choice, there are several difficulties involved. There is fierce competition in the stock trading market, with well-known firms like and Robinhood Markets Inc. providing zero-commission trading services. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic-driven retail trading frenzy has abated, resulting in a different market dynamic than when Bitcoin’s price peaked.

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Combining Conventional and Cryptocurrency Assets:

The option to activate the service will be available to qualified consumers as soon as stock trading becomes live on Kraken’s platform. Their portfolios, which include equities, ETFs, and cryptocurrency, will appear as a single balance after activation. With this connection, investors wishing to diversify their portfolios across several asset classes should have a smooth experience.

The Wider Expansion Initiatives of Kraken:

Kraken is continuously growing its service portfolio in addition to its stock trading activity. The exchange is expanding its institutional clientele’s access to prime brokerage services. In addition, it intends to introduce a certified custodian service—tailored especially for institutional clients—in the upcoming weeks. This custodial service has applied for and received permission from the state of Wyoming. It will function separately from the exchange.

The increasing convergence of cryptocurrencies and traditional asset markets is reflected in Kraken’s entry into the traditional finance space through the provision of stock and ETF trading. The industry will be keenly monitoring the exchange’s growth ambitions as it negotiates the regulatory environment and competitive landscape. Kraken’s deliberate diversification underscores the dynamic character of the bitcoin industry and its aspirations to serve a wider spectrum of investors.

Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading,Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading

Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading,Kraken Expansion in Stock Trading

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