Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward

Over the past two to three weeks, there has been a noticeable upward surge in altcoin prices. $KUJI, $VXV, and $TRB are a few lesser-known cryptocurrencies that are outperforming the vast majority.

Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward
Source: The Crypto Times

As the cryptocurrency market stirs itself in preparation for a possible massive move to the upside over the next 18 months or so, traders are constantly searching for those altcoin jewels that can perform the next 10x.

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Although some may convincingly argue that the time to invest in particular cryptocurrency bets was perhaps weeks or even months ago, now is the moment to be constructing such holdings.

Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward,Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward,Kujira (KUJI)

Still, there is certainly still plenty of time to choose your altcoin, if previous cryptocurrency bull markets provide any indication. It seems likely that we are in the early stages of the cryptocurrency bull market, when altcoins and bitcoin are still establishing the foundation for future price increases.

Rapidly expanding DeFi token

Crypto firm Kujira ($KUJI) has a talented team creating DeFi solutions that are accessible to everyone. A 300% increase since the end of September suggests that investors need to be anticipating a reversal in direction. At the 0.382 fibonacci level, $1.50 might be possible.

lesser-known AI initiative

AI plays like VectorSpace ($VXV) are not as well-known. The token drives data sets that let people and organisations find hidden connections in general life science, capital markets, and space biosciences.

Interest in this project has increased due to its 200% surge from the lowest point. If the $0.50 support level holds, there may be a chance to make the next step up.

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Oracle is only second to $LINK.

An oracle play called Tellor ($TRB) has surged to second place in market capitalization only behind Chainlink ($LINK). The volatility of $TRB’s price has been quite strong. With a sideways and downward trajectory throughout 2022 and the first part of 2023, $TRB began its meteoric rise on August 18 and hasn’t stopped since.

The price has moved 1,330% since that August day, taking it from $9 to an amazing $127 in a very short period of time. This cryptocurrency has to be properly monitored.

Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward,Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward,Kujira (KUJI), VectorSpace (VXV), and Tellor (TRB) Surge Upward , Kujira coin Crypto news, Kujira coin News

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