Legal Battles: Binance and Kraken Navigate Troubles, Risks Soar

The ongoing legal battle over the most popular cryptocurrency Binance and Kraken has taken another new turn this week. Which can be fraught with huge losses for these coins. If reports are to be believed, Binance Holding Limited is currently in talks with the DOJ Department of Justice, America, to deal with the criminal cases.

Legal Battles: Binance and Kraken Navigate Troubles, Risks Soar
Source: Coin Market Cap

After which he demanded about 4 million dollars from Binance. To deal with this case the report also believes that after this the founder of the company may have to face a lot of troubles and allegations.

He has committed this crime of money lending, bank fraud, and violation of American management law.

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Let us know all the information related to the Kraken News in detail.

Apart from this, another case is coming to light where the Securities and Exchange Commission has also filed a case against Kraken in which they have accused the cryptocurrency exchange of violating a serious securities law.

Along with this, the Securities and Exchange Commission also alleges that Kraken has committed a lot of fraud with Eclipse while working as a registered broker agency and Dollar.

The regulator claims Kraken has taken a huge risk with its corporate assets amounting to around $33 billion in customer cryptography. Apart from this, it was also said in the lawsuit that Kraken has kept more than 5 billion dollars of fake and fake coins from its customers at various times.

After this Kraken news, Let us tell you that according to the data available in the market, this token has performed better than Bitcoin.

And as soon as these illegal actions have been registered against Balance and Kraken , a lot of fluctuations have been seen in the market. Along with this, other cryptocurrencies may also have to face trouble.

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However, no final result has come out in these cases either. Talks are going on and cases have been filed, it remains to be seen what the impact will be in the future.

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