PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week: Unveiling the Surge of the Meme Coin

In the cryptocurrency space, PEPE Coin—the parody coin that gained popularity earlier this year—is making an incredible comeback. According to CoinGecko, its price has increased by around 32% during the last seven days, with a further 10% increase in the last day.

PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week
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PEPE’s remarkable success may have been influenced by the general upswing in the cryptocurrency market. The majority of digital currencies have witnessed significant increases, with the global cryptocurrency market value increasing by almost 3% every day.

PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week,PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week

But more than simply market conditions are responsible for PEPE’s upward trend. Whale behaviour has been crucial to the cryptocurrency industry. A crypto data analysis platform called Lookonchain revealed that two newly established wallets paid more over $800,000 between them to purchase an astounding 1.08 trillion PEPE coins.

PEPE Coin tokens for 550 ETH

Apart from these noteworthy whale trades, an other investor, who had previously made gains in excess of $2.30 million from trading PEPE, returned to the ecosystem by acquiring $645,00 worth of PEPE tokens. Additionally, on August 29, this investor purchased 1.04 trillion PEPE tokens for 550 ETH, or $951,000, as reported by the Web3 data analysis tool.

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It is noteworthy that there are other meme coins that are trending on September 29 besides PEPE. The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s associated cryptocurrency, ApeCoin, has grown significantly as well. The value of ApeCoin has increased by more than 10% in a single day and by 12.5% over the course of a week.

The comeback of PEPE Coin is evidence of the meme coin market’s ongoing attractiveness, as investors continue to be drawn to it. PEPE Coin has reached unprecedented heights due to factors including the good trend of the larger cryptocurrency market and the resurgence of interest from whales.

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A vibrant and compelling component of the digital asset ecosystem, meme currencies like PEPE continue to change and grow as the cryptocurrency scene does.

PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week,PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week,PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week,PEPE Coin Rockets 30% in a Week

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