Pullix (PLX) Prepares for Launch as Solana (SOL) Hits $100

Solana (SOL) has taken back the $100 threshold in the present DeFi market. As a result, the bitcoin community is beginning to discuss possible future directions for the technology. Pullix (PLX) has been preparing to introduce its hybrid trading platform in the meanwhile. Perhaps in 2024, this Stage 7 presale initiative will develop into the next 100x altcoin. Let’s investigate the reason.

Pullix (PLX) Prepares for Launch as Solana (SOL) Hits $100
Source: Coinpedia
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The Price Charts for Solana Indicate Green

Solana (SOL) has been quite successful lately. The price of Solana has surged from $88.32 to $94 in the last week alone, based on statistics from CoinMarketCap. It even increased to $105.86 at one point. Its market capitalization rose from $38.03 billion to $41.28 billion in the same period. Renowned cryptocurrency researcher Michaël van de Poppe anticipates a surge to $140 in the future.

This notion is supported by the altcoin’s technical analysis, since 23 technical indicators are green. Furthermore, Solana’s current price is above both its 50- and 100-day EMAs. Owing to all of these factors, cryptocurrency specialists have projected a favourable price for Solana. Before the end of February 2024, they predict that the Solana cryptocurrency’s price might rise to $108.

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A Transformative Hybrid Trading Platform: Pullix (PLX)

As Pullix (PLX) prepares for the impending debut of the hybrid exchange, it has also generated some buzz in its own right. This DeFi project combines the greatest features from both CEX and DEX to reinvent online trading. Traders worldwide will so benefit from deep liquidity, huge leverage (up to 1000:1), and self-custodial portfolio management.

Pullix wants to differentiate itself apart from competitors like Binance and Coinbase, thus it will permit trading of various asset classes, including cryptocurrencies, on a single account. This would give access to several thriving financial markets, including the OTC derivatives market, which the BIS estimates will be worth $20.7 trillion by 2022. The Pullix team plans to incorporate other thrilling elements within its environment, such as:

Yield Optimizer: You may earn compound interest on your cryptocurrency holdings with a DeFi yield optimizer.
Copy trading is the capacity to copy the deals made by more seasoned traders and make money off of their decisions.
The PLX native token will be used by traders on Pullix as trading credits. Keeping it is essential to have access to specific assets or lower trading expenses.

Furthermore, PLX is the original “Trade-to-earn” DeFi currency. To be clear, Pullix will provide PLX stakers a portion of the daily profits made on the platform. This indicates exceptional potential for passive income.

In Stage 7 of its presale, one PLX token is only worth $0.1. For early buyers, this is a 150% return on investment; but, if this DeFi currency is listed on exchanges in Q1 of 2024, analysts anticipate another 100x pump. It’s evident that there is a lot of interest in Pullix given that it has raised around $5 million and sold over 80 million PLX tokens. As a result, this price estimate appears to be reasonable.

Why Is Pullix Superior Than Solana?

With a $20 million market capitalization, Pullix has a huge growth potential. To put it another way, PLX won’t need to raise as much capital in order for its price and returns to increase. Pullix now has an advantage over Solana, who requires twice as much to have a significant spike.

This is the ideal time for you to buy this cryptocurrency because Pullix is also giving 10% discount on every purchase. A $250 cash prize may be yours if you enter the Pullix Meme Contest.

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