The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin’s Moment Arrives

The prospect that Bitcoin (BTC) might reach a new all-time high is gaining more attention in light of its recent rebound; the $100,000 mark is thought to be the next desirable target. In the cryptocurrency community, speculation on when it will hit the coveted $100,000 threshold has been a regular subject of conversation.

The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin's Moment Arrives
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An research by cryptocurrency expert TradingShot, published on TradingView on October 26, provided some insight into the potential date of this much awaited milestone’s achievement based on these conjectures.

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The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin’s Moment Arrives,The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin’s Moment Arrives

According to a research based on historical data and the timing of prior rallies, Bitcoin may rise 310% in one of four possible months in 2024, reaching the much-anticipated $100,000 threshold.

In each of the last four cycles since 2015, Bitcoin has had two such 310% rises, according to TradingShot. These rallies took varying amounts of time to occur; the shortest one took four months (120 days), while the longest took thirteen months (395 days).

Most importantly, the study made clear that there hasn’t been a surge like this in the current cycle. This raises the interesting issue of when Bitcoin may have its second 310% gain, which would take it beyond $100,000.

The primary driver of Bitcoin reaching $100k

But the analysts noted that a big trigger would be required for Bitcoin to see such a surge. An important development that is imminent is the launch of a Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). There has been much talk about the potential for a Bitcoin ETF to create considerable market demand, as it is anticipated to happen.

The analysis’s conclusion emphasised that large-scale protests don’t just happen. They have a purpose. The extent and timing of the rise will be determined by a number of variables, such as market knowledge, media coverage, and general demand for Bitcoin.

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Analysis of Bitcoin prices

As of the time of publication, the value of Bitcoin was $34,095, with a daily loss of about 0.15%. On the weekly chart, nevertheless, Bitcoin has increased by more than 14%.

When it comes to technical analysis, the prevailing consensus about Bitcoin is positive. According to a summary of the TradingView one-day indicators, 15 indicators have a “buy” rating. For thirteen indications, moving averages suggest a “strong buy,” but oscillators are neutral for seven.

The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin’s Moment Arrives,The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin’s Moment Arrives,The Countdown to $100,000: When Bitcoin’s Moment Arrives, Bitcoin Crypto news, Bitcoin News

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