Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation’s Offer

Finding flaws in the Solana blockchain can earn prizes under the Solana Foundation’s bug bounty programme, up to $2 million in frozen SOL tokens.

A $400,000 prize is being offered by the Solana Foundation to anyone who can figure out the code that can “turn off Solana.”

Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation's Offer

This event coincides with an 8.4% decline in SOL’s price during the previous week as a result of many references to Sam-Bankman Friend’s trial.

$400,000 Bounty Announced by Jacob Creech

Head of Developer Relations on the foundation Jacob Creech recently announced on X that anybody who can find the code that might switch Solana.

Solana (SOL) is losing ground; when will the price rebound begin?

Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation’s Offer,Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation’s Offer

This promotion is a part of the larger security bug bounty programme run by the Solana Foundation, which offers a variety of incentives to incentivize white hat hackers to carefully examine the blockchain in search of flaws.

Among these rewards is $2 million in locked SOL tokens, reserved for a 12-month lockup period. These tokens are meant to reward anyone who can find flaws such unapproved fund transfers, vote programme exploits that deplete stakes that have been delegated, or theft of cash without user signatures.

One $1 million outstanding prize is set aside for anyone who can reveal consensus violations or security flaws in the Solana network. This includes the newly announced $400,000 bounty, which encourages hackers to find security holes that might result in remote assaults that have the ability to split the Solana network in half.

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Hailed as the “Ethereum killer,” Solana is a blockchain that understands that no network is impervious to vulnerabilities and is committed to proactively resolving these problems.

SOL’s Reduction Associated with Bankman-Fried Trial Remarks

The criminal prosecution of Bankman-Fried has, nevertheless, had a detrimental effect on SOL, the eighth-largest cryptocurrency. According to CoinGecko statistics, SOL’s performance has been terrible lately. Its price is currently $21.36, down 8.4% in the last week.

This drop might be related to the fact that Bankman-Fried’s attorney, Mark S. Cohen, brought up his interest in this cryptocurrency many times during the trial, which may have contributed to the dip.

On the Solana blockchain, developers utilise SOL as the transaction currency to build decentralised applications like as DeFi lending systems. It was also favoured by FTX, which launched a Solana NFT marketplace, invested in other local initiatives, and supported Solana under the leadership of Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX.

Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation’s Offer,Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation’s Offer,Turn Off Solana and Win $400,000: Solana Foundation’s Offer

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