Unlocking Aptos (APT) Tokens: Play-to-Earn Game Guide

The gaming business makes a lot of money. The projected revenue for 2022 is $347 billion, with a $7.1 billion market share for blockchain gaming. Aptos is getting in on the fun too. But on a somewhat lower scale.

Unlocking Aptos (APT) Tokens: Play-to-Earn Game Guide
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You may get up to 60 APT per day by participating in the Aptos Arena P2E game. It comes to $420 at the current rate.

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Describe Aptos Arena.

A PvP shooting game with infinite royale and open access is called Aptos Arena. In the vein of an arcade. In addition to raising $4 million, the team was awarded an Aptos grant. There’s no need to purchase your character, even though it’s an NFT. You are ready to play after you log in and have at least 0.1 APT in your Petra wallet.

Unlocking Aptos (APT) Tokens: Play-to-Earn Game Guide,Unlocking Aptos (APT) Tokens: Play-to-Earn Game Guide

The game’s official partner is Petra Wallet. This implies that, should you not already have it, you must download this wallet. You must fund the Petra Wallet after installing it.

APT is available for purchase on either an Aptos DEX or a CEX. You may thus either bridge it over or transfer it directly to your wallet. A minimum of 0.1 APT is required.

How Does Aptos Arena Game Work?

Make sure your Petra Wallet is connected before you begin playing Aptos Arena. Additionally, choose your current area in the upper-right corner.

The game does not require download. It is compatible with direct PC playback. It doesn’t currently have a mobile version accessible. Each game has an admission fee of $0.14 (or 0.02 APT at a price of $7 APT).

In the upper-left corner, your name appears as “null.” You can achieve your desired name by changing that. It will display your APT balance as well. Now that you’re ready, you may press the “Play” button. This action will open your wallet. You need to confirm the 0.02 APT to start the game in your wallet. View the image below.

These 0.02 APT are also referred to as the ‘spawn’ cost. After your wallet confirms the transaction, you go into matchmaking.  You enter the game unarmed, so you need to arm yourself. So, look around for loot crates and open them.

The crates will have guns in them. Make sure to stand in the designated circle when opening the box. The circles have time limits, so make sure to not waste time.

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Once you click on the ‘controls’ button, you can see the functions of the game buttons on your keyboard. View the image below. Now you need to eliminate other players. Each elimination gives you 0.018 APT. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to get at least 10 eliminations per game.

There are three different guns available, SMGs, Shotguns, or Snipers. Pick a gun based on distance to your enemy. To understand the game better, take breaks and hide or take cover.

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