When Shiba Inu Team Expects SHIB To Hit $0.01

Amidst a market correction, investors appear to be refocusing their attention on Shiba Inu [SHIB] as they monitor its future course. SHIB has dropped 5% every day and is now trading at $0.0000234.

Still, there are a lot of conversations in the community regarding the prospect of a future upturn. But in all of this, one audacious forecast sticks out.

When Shiba Inu Team Expects SHIB To Hit $0.01
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A well-known figure in the SHIB ecosystem, Lucie, has expressed her optimism for the platform’s future in the past. In particular, she sees a situation in which SHIB hits the much-coveted $0.01 threshold. Lucie appeared unwavering in the face of the current situation and the doubts surrounding SHIB’s ascent.

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Even though Q4 2023 saw a period of stagnation, the community has highlighted SHIB’s remarkable achievement since it began in late February. Lucie overcame scepticism by emphasising how gradually such a large price hike occurred.

When Can Shiba Inu Realistically Achieve $0.01?

Although Lucie does not provide a timeframe, she does caution against taking her remarks as investment advice. Changelly, in the meantime, disclosed that SHIB might reach this figure in 2033 or 2040. Gemini, Google’s AI project, offered a more upbeat assessment in the interim. It implied that SHIB might hit $0.001 in the upcoming year. But the asset has to continue its 230% monthly surge.

May 2nd is an anticipated upgrade that is a factor in play as well. It is anticipated that the Shiba Inu layer-2 solution will enhance customer satisfaction and maximise transaction costs. This might help to raise the meme coin’s price even further.

Binance CZ in talks with Sam Altman (OpenAI) for AI investments

In addition, the community has had high goals. But getting to $0.01 could be more work than one anticipates. On the other hand, Lucie’s unshakeable confidence gives Shiba Inu’s followers optimism.

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