Controversies on FTX : How Crypto Scandals Shake Public Trust


Crypto news: Recent crypto scandals involving major players like FTX and Binance have sparked concerns about the integrity of the cryptocurrency market. As the public digests revelations of wrongdoing, questions arise about how these events might influence opinions on digital currency regulation. Public Opinion Shifts Towards Stricter Regulation The Banklash …

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IOTA Price Surges After $100M Foundation Launch in Abu Dhabi

IOTA Price

IOTA News:In a surprising turn of events, IOTA price has soared by an impressive 44% following the launch of the IOTA Foundation’s new $100 million entity in Abu Dhabi. The move comes as the IOTA Foundation aims to facilitate the conversion of real-world assets into digital ones. The substantial investment, …

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Binance Introduces Innovative Third-Party Banking Partnership


Binance news: In a groundbreaking move, Binance has unveiled the world’s first cryptocurrency triparty arrangement, solidifying a strategic partnership with a third-party banking entity. This initiative aims to alleviate the long-standing concerns related to counterparty risk, particularly significant for institutional investors navigating the crypto space. Off-Exchange Collateral Management Option The …

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MUNGER Memecoin Skyrockets 31000% After Charlie Munger’s Passing: A Crypto Rollercoaster Unveiled


Munger Coin news: In the wake of Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman Charlie Munger’s demise, the memecoin named “MUNGER” witnessed an astronomical surge, soaring over 31000% within a day. Investors flocked to decentralized exchanges, trading millions in Ether and stablecoins, propelling MUNGER’s daily trading volume to $3.5 million on Wednesday. In …

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Feds Seize Sinbad Crypto Mixer Allegedly Linked to North Korean Hackers

Sinbad Crypto Mixer

In a joint operation, the FBI and the Dutch Financial Intelligence and Investigation Service have taken down the websites of Sinbad Crypto Mixer accused of aiding North Korean hackers and various cybercriminals in laundering stolen funds and concealing transactions. Sinbad Crypto Mixer: Sanctions Imposed by the U.S. Department of the …

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Terra Classic (LUNC) Sparks Debate: Temporary Surge or Sustained Ascend?

Terra Classic

LUNC News:In the last month, Terra Classic (LUNC) has undergone a remarkable surge, witnessing a notable 97.22% increase in its value. This upswing has ignited speculation within the cryptocurrency community, prompting discussions on whether this surge is a fleeting spike or marks the inception of a robust upward trajectory. Terra …

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Thai Cryptocurrency Exchange Zipmex: Creditors Score Big with 30 Cents on the Dollar Deal!”


In a bid to address its financial woes, Thai cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex has presented its latest restructuring plan, offering creditors a meager 3.35 cents on the dollar, as reported by Bloomberg. However, there’s a potential silver lining, with the figure possibly reaching up to 29.35 cents based on the outcomes …

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