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    An Editor’s Note on the Trump Tax Investigation

    Today we are publishing the results of an examination of decades of personal and corporate tax records for President Trump and his businesses in the United States and abroad. The records stretch from his days as a high-profile New York real estate investor through the beginning of his time in the White House.

    A team of New York Times reporters has pored over this information to assemble the most comprehensive picture of the president’s finances and business dealings to date, and we will continue our reporting and publish additional articles about our findings in the weeks ahead. We are not making the records themselves public because we do not want to jeopardize our sources, who have taken enormous personal risks to help inform the public.

    We are publishing this report because we believe citizens should understand as much as possible about their leaders and representatives — their priorities, their experiences and also their finances. Every president since the mid-1970s has made his tax information public. The tradition ensures that an official with the power to shake markets and change policy does not seek to benefit financially from his actions.

    Mr. Trump, one of the wealthiest presidents in the nation’s history, has broken with that practice. As a candidate and as president, Mr. Trump has said he wanted to make his tax returns public, but he has never done so. In fact, he has fought relentlessly to hide them from public view and has falsely asserted that he could not release them because he was being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. More recently, Mr. Trump and the Justice Department have fought subpoenas from congressional and New York State investigators seeking his taxes and other financial records.

    Our latest findings build on our previous reporting about the president’s finances. The records show a significant gap between what Mr. Trump has said to the public and what he has disclosed to federal tax authorities over many years. They also underscore why citizens would want to know about their president’s finances: Mr. Trump’s businesses appear to have benefited from his position, and his far-flung holdings have created potential conflicts between his own financial interests and the nation’s diplomatic interests.

    The reporters who examined these records have been covering the president’s finances and taxes for almost four years. Their work on this and other projects was guided by Paul Fishleder, a senior investigative editor, and Matthew Purdy, a deputy managing editor who oversees investigations and special projects at The Times.

    Some will raise questions about publishing the president’s personal tax information. But the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the First Amendment allows the press to publish newsworthy information that was legally obtained by reporters even when those in power fight to keep it hidden. That powerful principle of the First Amendment applies here.


    1. No one with brains believes anything printed by the NYT. They haven’t been right on even one @fact” they have printed. As a business, they are an abysmal failure.

    2. Yeah… your right…better to get our news from trusted, professional news outlets, like Brietbart and Qfools…they NEVER just make stuff up, right?

    3. But of course!! It is just FAKE NEWS!

      Good god you trump supporting bipeds have been beaten over the head with every fact of just what a P O S trump is, and you still mindlessly follow him. You are sick.

    4. POTUS can clear this up by releasing his tax returns. If these NYT investigative findings end up being factual, it is not difficult to see why POTUS is fearful of a post political life and what legal and civil consequences that my befall him and his family’s legacy.

    5. Basically the NYT has just admitted they are complicit in a crime. There is no onus to produce income tax returns. Whoever has purportedly given them this information has broken the law if true. If true the NYT will no doubt be sued for violating the privacy And contrary to the constitutional rights of The president.
      If not true I am certain they will be sued for liable and defamation. Either way they are fake news.

    6. The real story is how did Joe Biden amass so much money having never worked a job outside of public office. Now please explain who has used their office for financial gain.

    7. 1st – Since disclosing a persons tax records without their approval is a felony, I pray President Trump sues the living hell out of the NYT
      2nd – The story is pure BS, just like the last tax story by Madcow.
      3rd – How about the Hunter Biden story?
      4th – NYT is just about the lowest POS there is in the so-called Journalistic business.

      MAGA/KAG 2020

    8. I love Trump.. He is right in not paying the illegal taxes and we are glad to die for him.. 200,000+ dead patriots can’t be wrong. More of US are willing to do so. LonG live the emperor.

    9. I love Trump.. He is right in not paying the illegal taxes and we are glad to die for him.. 200,000+ dead patriots can’t be wrong. More of US are willing to do so. LonG live the emperor.

    10. I’m confident the IRS can sort it out. None of our business. NEVER has been over the decades. You want the IRS to audit new presidents de rigeur? Go for it.

      As a matter of fact while he may have businesses that run in the red, what communists don’t get is that those businesses pay employees and contractors and more taxes than illegals (in sales taxes and the like). It’s like communists don’t really know how things work. They can see the greed but not the their own envy. Surprising really that communists are all upset tha Trump pays little in taxes while leting Google, Apple and other leftist trash institutions slide.

    11. Trump’s base of useful idiots are so dumb they still can’t figure out why everyone that has ever worked for Trump thinks that he is a complete dumb 💩. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    12. I paid more tax than Trump in 2016 and 2017, despite being a a “loser” and a “sucker”, as Trump calls me. I’m a 72 year old disabled veteran from the war that Donald Trump lied and cheated to avoid.

    13. Trump’s base of useful idiots are so stupid, they actually believed him when he claimed that he didn’t sleep with two p or nstars that he paid $280,000.

      “If you can’t keep a promise to your family, can’t keep a promise to your wife, you’re having an affair, you’re lying about the affair repeatedly. Why should the American people trust you when you say you’re not gonna lie to them. Why should we trust you?”

      — Sean Hannity

    14. I’m sure this is more made up liberal spin…not… they say you can tell a mans morals and ethics by how he plays golf..and the presidents reputation for bending those rules and cheating goes back decades.. the cult of trump is oblivious the the fact that true leaders have former employees that talk glowingly about their time with former bosses. I can’t find Anyone who use to work for the Pres who has anything good to say about him. And he must be a horrible judge of character to have to bash every former employee
      Of his. We get to wait another 4 years for 2024 when we get new leadership that is representative of america where the average age is now 26-28! Not the 75-80 that everyone sitting in senior positions in government seems to be. 2024
      For the. Any boomers to step aside and let the majority direct the country.


      ANSWER: Trump’s base of useful idiots are so stupid, they actually believed him when he claimed that he was going to build a 30 foot wall along the entire Mexican border and Mexico was going to pay for it.

    16. Jim Jones, what is that a fake name by some Chinese or Russian bot? You’ve bought the kook-aid the NYT sells for so long you’re the same as one of those who believed Hitler. If Trump didn’t pay taxes, so what as long as it was legal. If you don’t like rich guys taking advantage of tax laws go change ‘Em ya Dork! This ain’t news, it’s propaganda. We didn’t vote for DT because he was a Priest or paid taxes he didn’t have to just to be generous, we voted for him to get something done for once. Something you POS Democrats have never done but line your pockets and enslaved the poor with your failed GREAT Society. You’ve buried African Americans and the under privileged in welfare rather then jobs. Congrats Tim Scott in Economic Zones! Drop dead Jones!

    17. Aww. snowflake, it’ll be ok. It’s tough that your orange god is a liar, cheat, con, traitor, and wildly incompetent, but maybe you’ll get lucky and you can vote for princess ivanka one day. lolol.

    18. Oh my God!
      A few Trump idiots still defending this con man.
      Tear down and burn yor Trump signs you clowns.
      Your citizenship should be canceled.

    19. Hey if you don’t like the tax laws then demand a flat tax. But don’t try and make a villan out of someone you hate just because the law works in his favor. How many years has the failing NYT been investigating Jeff Bezos?

    20. Uncle Sam who having a tough 4 years ! THey are saying the same thing for years . He gives his $400,000 back every year forget about that ? Obama didn’t . BUsh didn’t and he has money ,

    21. None of you has the acumen to read, let alone expound on a tax return. Some gash with a lisp who called herself a business reporter on MXNBC is your go to analyst you clown liberals.

    22. Trump simps predictably claim this report is “fake news,” though if that was the case Trump could prove the report false by simply releasing his tax returns like EVERY other president has done (which we know he won’t do). At this point, Trump could pee on his supporters and they’d call it rain.

    23. Fake news. Trump has lost more than $2bn since he took office. Whatever the leftists believe is not enough paid in taxes he’s lost far more. He’s also created thousands of jobs unlike Hillary or Obama both of whom have enriched themselves thru the presidency.

    24. The Supreme Court of the United States has already ruled on the legality of the NYT report on Trump’s taxes. It is not unlawful for the media to publish information that was obtained unlawfully by a third party, when that information is in the public interest, see Bartnicki v. Vopper, (2001) 532 U.S. 514. Therefore Trump’s only recourse would be to sue NYT for libel in printing false information, if it is false. The NYT is very aware of the law in this situation, they created it. If they publish information they know to be false, then they can be sued by the public figure, see New York Times Co. v. Sullivan, (1964) 376 U.S. 254. So if the president does not sue the NYT for this publication on the grounds of libel, then the president has said that the information in the report is true.

    25. taxes are for little people, suckers and losers who pay to make up for those who don’t pay their fair share while laughing at those who do

    26. Trump is basically a Bernie Madoff starter kit. I was at Citibank in the 90s when he stiffed us out of $600 million and almost collapsed the bank. I lost my job as a result of Trump. He faces multiple felonies. Tax fraud, bank fraud, money laundering, racketeering.

      Why white working guys slavishly support trump I’ll never understand. He has literally destroyed hundreds of white working guy owned businesses by not paying his bills.

    27. I’m willing to believe this, and yet the opening words are immediately specious:

      “We are not making the records themselves public because we do not want to jeopardize our sources, who have taken enormous personal risks to help inform the public.”

      Releasing his tax documents would not jeopardize any source. You can black out the name of his accountant or anyone who signed on Trump’s behalf if they are the source, which is extremely doubtful. Otherwise, the rest is all standard forms. It reveals nothing about sources. Naturally emails and other thing would be different; but they said “records.”

    28. The first fact is that Trump does not do his taxes. He has an accounting firm do the taxes. The 2nd fact is his accountant takes advantage of every deduction and exemption that the tax laws allow. The same exemptions and deductions that the democrats also use for their taxes. The third fact is that the so-called news put out by the NYT’s is nothing but garbage and their press releases should go to the bathroom and used as toilet paper.
      The tax laws are written by the congress; not the white house. This is the same congress that complains about Trump’s tax returns while letting Amazon earn billions of dollars and pay absolutely no taxes at all. These democrats are the scumbags of society and they belong in prison and out of the capital.

    29. The New York Times is the best run newspaper in the world and their business is booming. Just because you don’t like what you read does not give you the right to lie.

    30. And what has the brilliant accountants at the IRS been doing for all these years? If this is true can we all agree that the IRS is just a bunch of hack government employees. If a high profile person like trump can get away without paying taxes just imagine how many others, ie Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, etc?

      • Why then does the Orange turd release his taxes and then sue for libel? Because its true why are you Trump dopes so stunned. Like trump said many times on video he likes his voter’s stupid. Appears you check that box for the orange one.

    31. Donating his income? Where?
      Trump has provided more jobs? Since when? The country has been shut down and people have lost businesses, homes, and lives.
      Rioting continues in major cities.
      People say that other wealthy people dodge taxes … really? So what. They aren’t the POTUS.
      Fake news! Of course, it isn’t. Tweeting Trump will be crazy tomorrow. What fun.

    32. Quite the patriot, Trump is.

      Apparently Brad Parscale just found out today that he’s paid more in taxes last year than Trump has in the past 20.

    33. Will the NYT publish their findings on the wealth increases of Members of Congress? IF Trump loses, he will have been in and out of government iin four years time. What do they expose on career politicians like the Clintons, Obamas, and Biden?

    34. Has to be the biggest co ever . The NYTs is way off in this one. Full of facts already defeated. Just a late election crazy hit piece . Quite ridiculous. Not one word of this is accurate.

      • Why does he not just release them then sue for libel. He cant, he wont because its true. Try and think a little man. MD Like Dr Zeus I suppose

    35. Even if this were 100% true who gives a crap about it? Absolutely irrelevant and useless information. Maybe the real story would be about any billionaire who actually pays a large amount of taxes voluntarily

    36. How anyone can be surprised by this is beyond me.

      The orange guy is the best conman of this and the previous century.

      What does surprise me is the extent of ignorant people in the US.

      With this level of ignorance in the general population, I don’t expect the US to be a leader in anything, other than the butt of jokes.

    37. Love all the hating comments by chinese and liberals. That hate fuels more votes for Trump. Love that Trump is sticking it to China and winning the black vote. This election we don’t see a flock of women creating false narratives we see all matter of other created bs to slam Trump. Not going to work. The idiot base of Biden knowingly voting for a corrupt do nothing socialist puppet candidate is far worse than Trump’s idiot base. Why hasn’t Obama been blamed for the 480,000 deaths under him? He did nothing as Americans perished by flu and pneumonia during his two terms. Hypocritical reporting by the left propaganda media. You don’t think if Trump has evaded tax illegally he wouldn’t be in jail like Al Capone? Think people. These days anyone can print anything about anybody. I’ll take Trump the junk yard dog over Biden’s false promises and Harris’ socialism anyday.

      • I see you too Have Trump dim disease as well. Why does he not just release them then sue for libel. He cant, he wont because its true. Try and think a bit. Mind you understanding this is a lot to ask a Trump supporter who by the way has been caught on video saying he likes his voters dumb. If the shoe fits.

    38. The Liar in Chief is doing what he does best. Lie, Redirect. Lie some more. Blame. Lie. Then one last shot to call it Fake News.
      Send this Clown home to Florida. Vote November 3rd, our lives and our country depend on it.

    39. The damage that Trump has done to this country will take 5-10 years to recover. Let this year be over and done with to start fresh with Biden & Harris at the helm to lead us forward. Trump will be in debtor’s prison trying to pay back the IRS for his fraudulent behavior over more than 2 decades. Bye Donald the Con Man.